Services And Support

With the continuous integration of Internet technology and industrial ecology, digitalization has gradually penetrated into all links of the enterprise from employees empowering to customer service, ecological construction... This change helps enterprises achieve more refined management. SEUIC conforms to the requirements of high-quality development and provides complete support for the full-process digital operation in accordance with the needs of complex scenarios in various industries. We hope each digitalized enterprise will be proud of using SEUIC technologies and products.

At present, SEUIC integrates the resources and focuses on providing multi-ecological services, including software and hardware integration solutions, global services, combined services and technical support, to provide partners with practical services and guarantee!

Global Service
Unified Management

Based on global customer needs, SEUIC has a 24-hour after-sales and technical service center and more than 60 localized service teams on four continents to offer you complete services.

Technical Service

JM Prime pre-sales technical service team has professional scenario analysis and technology application capabilities. We can provide effective assistance for your software and hardware implementation, product selection, etc., and help customize the most cost-effective solutions.

Technical Consulting:
After-sales Service

Our global service network is available 24 hours a year, we continuously provide customers with remote or on-site services, including troubleshooting, device usage, and software upgrade, etc.

Warranty Service, Station Service,
Inspection Service

Optional Full Insurance
Free repair of accidental damage within 3 years or 5 years

Optional Screen Insurance
Fragmentation of the external or internal screen caused by accidental fall, collision or crushing

Rental Service
Provide short-term equipment rental services and on-site application support services

Battery Replacement for Free
The battery can be replaced free of charge if the capacity drops to 70% within 2 years


Big Promotion Guarantee Service
On-site repair during the big promotion period/Maintenance/Standby device service

Recycling Service
Assess value, recycle equipment, deduct payment or renew

Repair Stored Value Card
Recharge in advance, get discounts, enjoy for life.

Extended Warranty
Extended standard warranty on basic warranty time.

After-sales Support:

Unified Management


For the difficulty of enterprise device management, unified management can effectively help improve device utilization, device status monitoring, unified development, any abnormality can be found in time and remote diagnosis will be performed. SEUIC MDM can visually manage the status and applications of the device in the cloud, reduce management difficulties and optimize the operation efficiency.