AUTOID Pad acquisition terminal

AUTOID Pad is compact and industrial tablet with portable and industrial protective design, it concentrates on providing more cost-effective mobile solutions to enterprises. Which adopts 7”IPS full-view high definition screen, high-end capacitive touch, support finger touchable operation-with or without gloves even wet, Cortex-A7 Quad Core 1.2GHz, Android 5.1 OS, support shortcut keys operation, Multiple options of barcode, NFC, Camera, GPS, RS485, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, etc, Fully meet the demands on the informatization of industrial applications.

Characteristics and advantages

Excellent performance of man-machine interaction :

Adopt7” industrial display, 1280*800 high definition, 5-place touchable, it’s convenient to see more details of reports clearly, 11mm industrial and thin body, main machine adopts streamlined design, only weighs 485g, comfortable grip, easy to carry.

All-weather application design :

Fully meet the operations under the heat, cold, rain and snow and other harsh environments, and satisfy the operation for a long time.

Leading performance :

Support2.4 / 2.5Gdual-band WIFI simultaneously, optimized roaming design, solve the problems of roaming / electromagnetic interference / offline in warehouse. MOTO4710 / 655 barcode scan engine, Special rapid deployment technology of camera, safety management mechanism and remote management, Support 4G and NFC.

Remote management and security design :

Double security solutions, App management of installation rights, mobile manager with our independent intelligent property right to ensure data security, Triple management design, mass installation of configurations and softwares, online update, remote management and maintenance.

Strict reliable design :

Follow the "reliability from the inside to outside" design concept, strengthen the device overall rigidity, meet the strict industry standards, through multi-stringent reliability test to ensure the product stability, great ly avoid all kinds of accidents in industrial environments.

Standard accessories


Data Cable×1

Universal Adapter×1

Power Adapter×1

Optional accessories

Mounting bracket

RS485 Cable

Handheld belt+Fixed button

Vehicle charger

Magnetic power plug



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    AUTOID Mobile Computer

    AUTOID Mobile Computer, designed for industrial-grade environment applications(up to IP67), has various modes of data acquisition and wireless communication, can fully meet customers' demands in different industries.

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